Historically, Photography has been used to document reality. Instead, I am exploring the photographic medium as a tool to create and transform. My practice explores ideas such as, a physical object from intangible subject matter and changing other mediums by capturing them onto film.  I am interested in chromatic and formal interplay as well as merging the processes of design and photography. Using newer tools such as computers and photography/design software to create images that I then modify by capturing the non-physical subject matter onto film. Through my process of defocusing the image in camera, I morph the immaterial form into something that becomes a physical implementation of an incorporeal idea. This melding of photographic techniques with atypical subject-matter drives my exploration of the perception of color in the contemporary landscape. The centrality of photography in image-making and the rise of digital technology has emphasized the role of color as a retinal and physical experience, and has opened opportunities for artists to explore color without the burden of medium specificity. I work to explore color interaction in the context of this environment.